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Animated Video For "Sidewalks" and Paste Magazine 

We have to admit it has been like sitting on top of a ready-to-erupt volcano and feeling the anxious smoke climbing up our collective bum in waiting to share this animated video for our song,"Sidewalks" with you all. We had been waiting for the exact right moment to let it go and yesterday Paste Magazine included us in a "Best Of" article which featured ten of their favorite animated music videos. Needless to say that we felt that volcano blow when we saw our video up there alongside iconic ones such as Peter Gabriel's, "Sledgehammer" and Radiohead's, "Burn The Witch." I mean, Radiohead!?!?! Come on! That is maybe our collective bum's favorite band (but seriously, they are our favorite). 

The cosmic animation was done by John Grigsby from right here in Denver, CO and we think he totally nailed it. If you don't know him he is a killer bass player who plays with the likes of Gregory Allen Isakov. 

And of course, props to Jim Ruberto who did the interstellar mixing and mastering of the audio for the song, yet another righteous Denver music stalwart. There are a lot of Mary Annes on this island, not just Gilligans (reference to an ancient TV show that I have never actually seen. I hope that it is accurate. That Mary Anne was a smoke show, right?) 

As always, the video is embedded here on our website, probably directly to the right of this post but you can also link it here

Link to the Paste article written by the lovely and talented Ian Gassman here as well. 

So glad you can finally see this wonderful piece of art....because, honestly my ass was starting to burn lil' a bit. 


Bob (Seth)

Live From A Roof Videos! 

Here in Denver the past few weeks have been hotter than a butane torch lighter roastin' up a big ol' sticky dab. Though toasty we have somehow, through the heat and haze, managed to release the first of three live videos that we filmed at our rooftop concert last summer. The video features our song "Way To Find The Way" which has never been previously recorded in any format so…. SURPRISE! It was premiered by Denver's Westword (thanks Tom Murphy) just in time for their annual one-day festy throw down The Westword Music Showcase that we also rocked out at alongside a bevy of other stellar local bands. 

Check out the video and article here or don't even bother clicking and take a look directly to the right of this post! 

So as the summer continues to heat up like Penny Hardaway after a triple arm spin slam dunk which he jumped for from the three-point line in the venerable 90's arcade game "NBA Jam" (found in many local Pizza Huts) Rossonian will be burnin' it up at The Underground Music Festival in Denver, the iAM Music Fest in Durango, and releasing two more of our live rooftop shreds vids. Check in with us to see set times, dates, blah blahs and blah blah blahs. We hope you can be a part of it all.

Talking about ourselves, on camera..... 

Here's a quick note from the Ross!

If you are new to us and our electro-sensual rock & roll than we want to share with you this brand new promotional video we had done for our newest and unreleased EP, "Late Kids." It was done by Lauren Winton of Winton Media which is based right here in Denver, CO. We were very joyous to have the chance to work with her as she has collaborated with two of our favorite Denver acts Land Lines and Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats. 

You can catch the video at our EPK link here on the site or scoot on over to youtube. 

If you are of the Millennial Generation we hope that you have an easy time relating to the overall vibe of this EP. It deals with the heavy dichotomy of being bred to think that one is oh-so-very special while also coming-of-age in a society where realizing one's utter insignificance is a daily occurrence. 

There's a lil' breakdown in the video. 



Talking About Ourselves..... 

The Ross, slackin' on the blogs again! Anyways, here we are now, back to talk about ourselves and use a shit-ton of exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Is that gonna fuck up our SEO or some shit!?!?!? nbd 

So we are elated that our Tiny Desk Contest video has been so well received over the past month. We learned today that we were included in a Top 10 runners up out of 6,100 + entries by the All Songs Squad themselves. As listeners of All Songs Considered for many years this means a lot to us so thank you all for watching, commenting, and overall enjoying the video! Check out the article and the other amazing videos here.  We also received some local love from everybody's favorite CO source for new music, Open Air CPR. Check that write-up out here

We also wanted to tell you about that nice news and also say to stay tuned for lots of new ROSS content coming your way. We have some new music in the works, live music videos from our rooftop performance last summer, a sexy animated video for our song, 'Sidewalks', and a DAYTROTTER session to be uploaded soon as well. 

Also, I hope you checked out our videos and the Denver Westword's write-up about our Denver Open Media Foundation session that was recently posted. Check that out here if you haven't. 

I guess what we are trying to say is there is a lot of RossTent (Thats content with the first part of our band name put in front of the word. Now that I read it back it kind of sounds like some sort of boner as well) coming your way over the next few months that we very much hope you like it, love it, and even want more of it. 


Bob(Seth) Ross(Evans) 

p.s. here is a pic of myself, a palm tree, donk's champs hat, and my friends tite sunglasses. 


Tiny Desk Concert Contest 

Hello Frenz, 
After sitting last year's contest out, The Ross decided to make a video for NPR's Tiny Desk Concert 2016 contest. As regular listeners of Bob Boilen and Robin Hilton's All Songs Considered, the thought of having the chance to perform at Bob's actual tiny desk is exhilarating. 

The video features our new song, "Love In A Wasteland" and was filmed in the belfry of the old warehouse building where we have our studio space. We were told that the old motor that you see in the middle of the shot (which is the "tiny desk", if you want it to be) was used for an old freight elevator. The building is over 100 years old. Pretty cool, huh?!?!?!

It was a bit of a process chaining snakes up two flights up stairs, routing all the audio properly, tweaking the ambient mic's just right so you could hear accurately what we actually sounded like in the room, and it took about half-a-day.

We had help from our friends Logan Muckler and Joseph Lamar (dope musicians in their own right) on the engineering side of things and our friend Noah Mittman did all the filming. Everyone did a fair bit of running up and down the stairs. It was fun, educational, and a workout all at once. 

We hope you enjoy the video and we would love to know what you think of the new song. Also, if you make it to the end of the vid then you will see OUR actual tiny desk. 

Click this link to watch or click on the video directly to the right of this post. 

Bob Ross (Seth)

P.S. The train whistle sample at 1:04 is courtesy of the train passing slowly by outside while we filmed. 
P.P.S. I guess technically it was not a sample as it was performed live by the train itself at precisely that moment. 


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